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✨ Biodegradable Glitter ✨

We've teamed up with Alternative Imagination to bring you a line of Biodegradable Glitters Made From Plants!


You heard us right! These glitters are made of microcrystalline cellulose derived from plants instead plastic, and breakdown wherever microbes are present. Designed and manufactured in America, each glitter is made of FDA-approved ingredients that are safe for the body as well as the environment, and have passed numerous domestic and international standards set by the International Organizations of Standards, ASTM International, the companies that determine the European Standards. Those tests determine the biodegradability in soil and aqueous solutions, as well as safety from incidental absorption. Over a period of 100 days, our glitter safely biodegraded at 91.77%! While it may not reach 100%, the remaining inert material is either natural and/or not harmful to the environment. 


Our glitters are perfect for cosmetics as well crafting! Softer than typical glitter, it is safer to use on the body, and can be mixed with lotions, gels, and oils without dissolving, and is perfect for decorating vases, clothes, festival totems, and more!


You can check out our ingredients lists here!

Buying options are below. (:

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